Michelle’s Post It Plays: Del Mar—Monday September 6, 2021

And just like that, the meet is over.  Thank you everyone for following along, I will see you at the Santa Anita Meet! Fall Meet begins October 1

Race 6

Classically (Outside) and She’s So Nice Worked 4 Furlongs at Del Mar on August 22nd, 2021

I’m not completely sold on this one because oddly the turf works are not as good as this dirt gate drill and I have seen her be reluctant to swap.  That being said, she get s nice draw, has zip and great connections.  FOr sure a contender but I can’t single.

Race 7

Laurel River (7)

Laurel River Worked 6 Furlongs in 1:11.40 at Del Mar on August 19th, 2021

Like a freight train would be a good Tik Tok song for this work.  Blisters on by a poor Bob Hess horse and breaks his heart looking super solid on the gallop out too.  A little wide but I feel like I have seem that before form him.  Question is can he get a mile/  I like his post and some pace in there to stalk for the good old college try.


Pappacap (1)

Pappacap (Outside) and Ice Maiden Worked 4 Furlongs in 49.20 at Del Mar on August 29th, 2021

This is a great example of its not how fast you work its how you do it.  49 and change isn’t setting anyone a flame but this colt was never let out of a high gallop and you could see he really wanted to do more.  Can’t fault the way he’s coming into the race.  Top pick

Murray (5)

Murray (Outside) and Enbarr Worked 5 Furlongs in 1:00.20 at Del Mar on August 19th, 2021

How about a “negative” work just because?  Enbarr has been the mate here as well as for Deb winner Grace Adler and is a valiant partner but Murray generally proves best.  However, in this work he was given every chance and could not get by even under a drive.  Not only not get by but not get to.  So if he’s odds on and you’re on the fence, maybe that helps you sway.  I will play devils advocate in that he has 2 subsequestn works that are not on XB so theres a chance it was a one off bad morning for the probable favorite.  ‘

American Xperiment (6)

American Xperiment (Outside) and Echo Zulu Worked 5 Furlongs 1:01.21 at Saratoga Race Course on August 22nd, 2021

Hey we’re in the Spa too!  Nice move here though his mate was much the best she won a Grade 1 a few days ago so I think we can say she’s classy. He isn’t as good as his stable mate but she’s not in this bunch and could prove to be dominate.  I use with PappaCap

Michelle’s Post It Plays: Del Mar—Monday September 6, 2021

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