On Track with Johnny D: It’s in the Guide

This year’s Kentucky Derby is so close you could walk to it. It’s right around the corner, next door to the Kentucky Oaks. And, if you plan on visiting the big race on the first Saturday in May, you’d better bring along a copy of Xpressbet’s Kentucky Derby Wager Guide.

Why? Good question.

Because you’re going to need help sorting out this year’s Louisville loop around the track. And that help…well, it’s in the Guide.

How do we know?

Because just about everything is in the guide, including the name of the winning horse in this year’s Kentucky Derby! (Perhaps. We probably don’t mention every Derby starter in the guide, so the winner actually might not be named, but that’s not what’s important right now.)

Kentucky Derby favorite Nyquist is deserving with seven wins in as many starts, but no one claims he’s the next coming of Secretariat. He’s got warts. Not many, mind you, and they’re not obvious, but he’s got ‘em. Of course, horseplayers have been knocking Nyquist since he broke his maiden last June at Santa Anita. That’s why, despite being undefeated in seven starts, he’s raced three times as non-favorite, including last out in the Florida Derby when Benjamins flew in Mohaymen’s direction.

So, what’s the deal? Is Nyquist beatable and, if so, which horse will wear roses this year?

Consult Xpressbet’s Kentucky Derby Wager Guide for the best collection of Derby information in one convenient location. Inside the guide you will find expert analysis of the race, including Selections, Main Contenders, Value Plays and suggested $100 Wagering Strategies. Contributors include Bob Neumeier of NBC Sports; Jeff Siegel of XBTV; Jon White, line-maker at Santa Anita; Dick Jerardi, Eclipse Award winning writer for Philadelphia Daily News and Steve Byk, host of Sirius Radio’s At the Races with Steve Byk.

Additionally, the guide contains oodles of Derby related Stats & Trends and Know This tidbits horseplayers and fans will find entertaining and useful. For example, did you know that trainer Steve Asmussen, who will be inducted into racing’s Hall of Fame this summer, has started the most runners in the Kentucky Derby without winning the race? Will his record o’fer-13 streak end May 7 with Creator or Gun Runner in the Louisville winner’s circle? The definitive answer is in the Guide! (Possibly)

Serious handicappers will want to note that since 1920, 86 starters have competed in the Kentucky Derby without an April prep race. They are: 86 5-6-4. In seven of the last eight editions (2012 is only exception) at least one horse without an April outing has finished in the Derby top three! (Get that Derby trifecta players?) Plus, four of the five ‘no April prep’ winners have come since 2008! Which horses are this season’s potential ‘no April prep’ starters? Gun Runner, Lani, Destin, Tom’s Ready and Mo Tom. Will one of them finish in the Derby top three, or, perhaps, even win the race? The answer is in the guide! (We hope.)

Those are just two examples from the plethora of statistical gems contained in the guide, available at Xpressbet.com beginning Friday, April 29. Guide registrants also will have access to daily expert updates directly from Churchill Downs until Friday, May 6, when a completely updated guide version will be available. That issue will contain revised selections and wagering strategies based on workouts, post-position draw and backside gossip. (You didn’t think the guide was a strictly fact-based publication, did you?).

Aside from all the great info, perhaps the most attractive feature of Xpressbet’s Kentucky Derby Wager Guide is that it’s FREE! That’s right, F-R-E-E! Gratis, no charge, for nothing. Everyone that wants it can visit Xpressbet.com to get it–account holders and non-account holders, alike. Even those in some states not permitted to use the rest room of their choice are welcome to access Xpressbet’s Free Kentucky Derby Wager Guide.

Why would Xpressbet give away such a valuable item? (BTW…we’ll let you know how valuable it is after the race.) Because we love you, that’s why. Well, not exactly. We do love you, but Xpressbet does it more because we hope you will enjoy reading the guide and will want to wager on the Kentucky Derby with us. Is that so bad?

In fact, to further entice you to wager with us, if you open a new Xpressbet account and wager $100 Xpressbet will put $125 into your account the very next day! That money will come in handy as you take a whack at the Kentucky Derby trifecta. The suits wanted me to add a line here that says something like: For complete promotional details visit the Xpressbet.com web site; but I won’t do it.

After all, I’m a racing guy, not a lawyer, so I know a solid handicapping helper when I see one. Take it from me: Go to Xpressbet.com this Friday and access a copy of the FREE Kentucky Derby Wager Guide. Whatever Derby question you might have, the answer’s in the guide! (Perhaps)

Download it, print it or read it online. It’s up to you. And don’t forget to access the daily updates beginning Tuesday, May 3, including a complete horse-by-horse rundown and suggested wagering strategy by yours truly. The guide and daily updates are free and worth twice the price! (Guaranteed!)

Race On!

On Track with Johnny D: It’s in the Guide

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