Jeff Siegel’s Blog: Preseason Top-25 Triple Crown Rankings (Nov. 17, 2017)

It’s never too early to talk Triple Crown.  Here’s our preseason top-25 rankings plus 10 additional prospects that are “under consideration.”  The rankings are based on performance, pedigree, running style, connections, and projections.  Let’s see how many can make an impact in next spring’s American classics.


Jeff Siegel’s Preseason 2018 Triple Crown Top-25 Rankings

(Updated Nov. 17, 2017)

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  1. Good Magic (C.Brown)
  2. Bolt d’Oro (M. Ruis)
  3. McKinzie (B. Baffert)
  4. Montauk (T. Pletcher)
  5. Solomini (B. Baffert)
  6. Mendelssohn (A. O’Brien)
  7. Copper Bullet (S. Asmussen)
  8. Avery Island (K. McLaughlin)
  9. Dak Attack (D. Romans)
  10. Sporting Chance (D. W. Lukas)
  11. Mask (C. Brown)
  12. Untamed Domain (G. Motion)
  13. Clever Mind (G. Motion)
  14. Engage (C. Brown)
  15. Runaway Ghost (M. Machowsky)
  16. Free Drop Billy (D. Romans)
  17. St Patrick’s Day (B. Baffert)
  18. Quip (R. Brisset)
  19. Firenze Fire (J. Servis)
  20. Givemeaminit (D. Stewart)
  21. Gotta Go (I. Wilkes)
  22. Enticed (K. McLaughlin)
  23. Inscom (S. Callaghan)
  24. Ayacara (K. Desormeaux)
  25. Combatant (S. Asmussen

“Others under consideration” – Principe Guilhaume (S. Asmussen); Greyvitos (A. Kitchingman); The Tabulator (L. Rivelli); Hollywood Star (D. Romans); Instilled Regard (J. Hollendorfer); Zatter (B. Baffert); Lone Sailor (T. Amoss); Talent Scout (B. Baffert); Cool Bobby (P. Eurton); Bravazo (D. W. Lukas); Latonka (D. McClachrie); Super Sermon (T. Pletcher); New York Hero (L. Rice); Indimaaj (K. McLaughlin); Publilius Syrus (V. Cerin).


Jeff Siegel’s Blog: Preseason Top-25 Triple Crown Rankings (Nov. 17, 2017)

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