Jeff Siegel’s Blog: Wagering Strategies for August 26, 2016

The selections contained within are geared to rolling exotic players.  The basic strategy is to isolate those horses that should be included in rolling daily doubles, pick-3s, pick-4s, pick-5s, and pick-6.

It is recommended that Jeff’s selections be used to augment the reader’s own personal handicapping, though excellent results can be achieved by applying the exact rolling exotic strategy specified by Jeff’s analysis.  Jeff’s recommended plays are intended for players with a moderate budget; however, the reader is encouraged to adjust Jeff’s wagering strategy to fit their preferred investment level.

Unless otherwise noted, all horses listed in the analysis should be used in rolling exotic play.   Usually there will no more than three horses listed; occasionally, Jeff will go 4-deep in his rolling exotic play and on a very rare occasion he will recommend a “buy the race” strategy.

A=Highest degree of confidence.  B=Solid Play.  C=Least preferred, or pass.  Top selection indicated in bold-face.



RACE 1: Post: 1:00 ET. Grade: B-

Use: 3-Gold for the King; 5-Syndergaard

RACE 2: Post 1:34 ET. Grade: B

Use: 4-Super Mama; 8-Filly Madison; 11-About That Base

RACE 3: Post 2:08 ET. Grade: B

Use: 4-Onecats Chance; 5-Cause I’m Alex

RACE 4: Post 2:42 ET. Grade: B

Use: 5-Cahirciveen; 8-Talkn Til Midnight

RACE 5: Post 3:32 ET. Grade: C+

Use: 1-Extinct Charm; 6-Hit It Once More

RACE 6: Post 4:09 ET. Grade: B

Use: 2-Follow the Signs; 3-Say It Aint Frosty; 5-Twisted Tom

RACE 7: Post 4:47 ET.  Grade: B-

Use: 2-Wilburnmoney; 5-Twist’n Shout; 7-Passporttovictory

RACE 8: Post 5:25 ET.  Grade: C+

Use: 10-Neck of the Moon; 12-Freudie Anne; 14-Fourstar Crook

RACE 9: Post 6:03 ET. Grade: B-

Use: 1-Offering Plan; 2-King Kreesa; 3-Tapitation

RACE 10: Post 6:41 ET. Grade: B-

Use: 3-Riot Worthy; 4-Super Allison; 5-Super Sunrise

RACE 11: Post 7:15 ET. Grade: C+

Use: 1-Leaveematthegate; 3-Come Around; 8-Uncle Chester


​FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2016

RACE 1: Post 3:30 PT. Grade: C+

Use: 3-Rim Ditch; 8-Westmount

RACE 2: Post 4:00 PT. Grade: C+

Use: 1-Papacoolpapacool; 2-A Red Tie Day; 4-Forever Juanito

RACE 3: Post 4:30 PT. Grade: C+

Use: 4-Oopper Wallah; 6-What’sontheagenda; 7-Bernin Sensation


RACE 4: Post: 5:00 PT. Grade: B+

Single: 5-El Koreano

RACE 5: Post 5:30 PT.  Grade: B+

Use: 1-Perfect Pic; 8-Breathe

RACE 6: Post 6:00 PT.  Grade: B-

Use: 3-Rangi; 9-Wildfire Kid

RACE 7: Post 6:30 PT.  Grade: B+

Use: 2-Taman Guard; 4-Spanish Hombre; 9-Who’s Out


RACE 8: Post 7:00 PT.  Grade:  B-

Use: 5-Yavrig; 6-If You Believe; 10-Buzzer Beater

Jeff Siegel’s Blog: Wagering Strategies for August 26, 2016

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