Michelle’s Post It Plays: Del Mar—Friday, August 20, 2021

Race 2

Katerini (4)

Katerini (Outside), Town Boy (Middle) and Big Switch Worked at Del Mar on August 14th, 2021

Breaking from the outside, she is a smidgeon slower than the mates and leans in but is kind to wait as they blitz off.  By the turn though she is gobbling up ground and ‘moving like a winner’.  Gets on dirt for the first time and though she stayed out of it in this work, she got over it nicely.  Top pick.

Race 6

Stellar Sound (3)

Stellar Sound Worked 4 Furlongs in 47.40 at Del Mar on August 13th, 2021

The grey looked solid and strong for this half mile drill and since XB has so many works for this group I can saw she appears best in the morning.  Top pick in here especially seeing the added distance from her last meeting with Scotish Star

Race 7

Tilted Towers (7)

Perfectionistic (Outside) and Tilted Towers Worked 5 Furlongs in 59.80 at Del Mar on August 12th, 2021

Generally you don’t see a sub minute work around the dogs but here ya go!  TT looked on tilt from the get go and finished well too despite being late to change leads.  I like his attitiude going into the drill and he was easily best over his mate who came late while being urged but held him off.  I would love to see an aggressive ride here from the outside.

Michelle’s Post It Plays: Del Mar—Friday, August 20, 2021

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