On Track with Johnny D: Play Beat the Host Saturday

Beat the Host, Xpressbet’s popular and profitable weekly handicapping competition, begins Saturday (Jan. 7), when blogger and handicapper Jeremy Plonk squares off against account holders itching to knock his block off.

If you are an Xpressbet account holder not playing to play Beat the Host on at least one Saturday in January and February, what’s wrong with you?

Beat the Host registration is painless and free. Each competitor is required to make a live $5 win wager on one horse in each of 8 mandatory contest races. If a player’s total earnings are greater than the host’s the player wins and advances to the $25,000 Beat the Host Championship round! If a player’s weekly total earnings rank among the top three overall the player shares in $2,500 in weekly prize money. What could be easier?

Well, it would be helpful if a player knew the host’s pick before each race.

You got it! Host picks are posted on the Xpressbet web site the day before each competition. Next.

It would be nice if contest races were held at familiar tracks.

Check. Beat the Host competition races include events from Santa Anita and Gulfstream—tracks you’re probably going play anyway—so there’s no need for additional handicapping and wagering. Try again.

Can a player fail to win a weekly prize and still make money?

Boy, have you come to the right place. Since all Beat the Host competition wagers are ‘live,’ a player keeps what he wins. So, even if a player doesn’t win a weekly prize or actually ‘beat the host,’ he still can win money for the afternoon! The financial return on one or two successful $5 win wagers easily will surpass the required $40 in contest wagers. Anything else?

Since you asked, just one more thing. How about holding a competition where the house doesn’t rake or skim money from the prize pool?

You read my mind. In Beat the Host Xpressbet doesn’t rake or skim the pot. Xpressbet actually creates the prize pool. Since there are no registration fees, prize money is sponsored by Xpressbet! Go ahead and find another handicapping tournament like that with a weekly $2,500 prize and a $25,000 Championship! You’ll get sore looking.

As previously stated, anyone who beats the host at least once during the 8-week competition advances to the $25,000 Championship round. And that’s the place to be on March 4. You can’t buy your way in, either. Prizes include from $5,000 to first down to $1,000 to fourth and $500 to fifth through 10th. Additionally, the top 30 players will advance to Xpressbet’s $100,000 Showdown—a $300 value each.

Just in case you’re still not convinced that playing Beat the Host is a good idea, here’s another angle to consider: There’s a $5,000 Beat the Host Bonus available to any single player that defeats hosts in all 8 weeks! Of course, in order to turn that trick you’ve got to play this Saturday against Jeremy Plonk. As they say in the world of sports, ‘You can’t win ‘em all unless you win the first one!”

See ya Saturday for Beat the Host!

Race On!

On Track with Johnny D: Play Beat the Host Saturday

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