Workouts are a key variable is determining how well a horse is coming up to a race. It is a horses’ best way of communicating to their connections and bettors whether they are feeling good or if they may have peaked. Workout times and patterns can be essential in finding a vulnerable favorite or a live longshot that many may miss if they only look at afternoon performances.


Replays have become a key piece to evaluating performance in the afternoon for handicappers. For the first time, horseplayers can now gauge how well a horse is doing in the mornings in the same manner. The Form can only tell you how fast a horse works, but never how he or she looks doing it. XBTV will bring you more recorded workouts than anyone in the industry. Whether it is an under-the-radar first-time starter or a stakes horse, catch all the morning action the day it happens.


XBTV is a new digital Ultra HD Horse Racing network providing insight and analysis to give horseplayers a competitive advantage. XBTV is the ultimate online destination for bettors to get insider interviews, morning works, insights, analysis and expert picks from the country’s top handicappers. XBTV features Millie Ball, Jeff Siegel, Aaron Vercruysse, Zoe Cadman and John ‘Johnny D’ DeSantis. XBTV is available free online at XBTV.com on any compatible computer, laptop, tablet, mobile device or smart TV. Viewers can watch video on demand as well as scheduled live racing coverage every weekend. XBTV is owned and operated by The Stronach Group and headquartered at historic Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California.